Dinneractive Utensil Set for Kids – Construction Themed Fork and Spoon for Toddlers and Young Children – 2-Piece Set – Yellow

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Dinneractive brings everyone to the table! Fun themes and bright colors turn eating into a new experience kids can enjoy, while fostering important habits like utensil use and positive associations with food.

Each Dinneractive utensil set includes one themed “tractor” fork and “loader” spoon. Dinneractive sets are made of durable and food-safe plastics that are BPA-free and dishwasher safe.


– Brings kids to the table, faster
– Improves mealtime independence
– Bendable utensils withstand rough wear and tear
– Crevasse free: smooth design leaves no room for mess to hide
– Dishwasher safe for easy clean up★ CONSTRUCTION THEMED UTENSILS: Dinneractive construction themed utensil sets include 1x “Tractor” Fork and 1x “Loader” Spoon – interactive theme and bright colors engages kids with their food in a creative way
★ GETS KIDS EXCITED FOR MEALS: Never argue about breakfast, lunch or dinner again! Dinneractive fosters a positive association with food and can be used for any meal or snack
★ SOFT GRIP HANDLES DESIGNED FOR KIDS: Dinneractive utensils are designed for small hands with soft, gripable handles that are easy to hold and extremely durable
★ ENCOURAGES PROPER UTENSIL USE: Get toddlers and kids accustomed to utensil use in a fun way, while promoting meal time independence
★ DISHWASHER SAFE, BPA-FREE PLASTIC: Made of durable, food safe and BPA-free plastic materials that are dishwasher safe

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